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Shop for new music with 7digital

Shop for new music with 7digital. Choose from over 40 million high quality tracks in our store; download, sync and listen to your music on the go.

Download Free Download 7digital Music Store apk

• A fair and legal music service available worldwide across 42 countries

• Browse top album and track charts, new releases, and different genres

• Hand-picked music recommendations and reviews by the 7digital team

• Hi-res FLAC downloads

• High quality 320kbps MP3s

• Support for Chromecast Audio and TV

• Stream Hi-Res FLAC via Chromecast

• Support for Android Auto

• 30 second previews of all songs

• Stream or download your 7digital music to your device

• Integrated music player – Play non-7digital music that is already stored on your device

• Designed for tablets as well as phones

• Lock screen player widget

• Last.fm scrobbling

I'm new to 7digital, what's it all about?

7digital.com is a leading digital music provider which sells high quality MP3s across 42 countries, including the UK, Europe, the US and Canada. With over 40 million tracks in store, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Purchase a song from us and you can stream or download it instantly.

7digital has also powered music services for hundreds of partners, brands and record labels including Samsung, HTC, Sony, T-mobile USA, HP, RIM, Shazam, Soundhound, Last.fm, Nestlé, Arcadia Group, Adidas, Procter and Gamble, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music to name a few.

We don’t just sell music, we love music

Our team care about music just as much as you do and are dedicated to help you find the best music out there. We have exciting promotions, offer some great bargains, and give you up to the minute editorial content through our own reviews, previews and interviews.

Our Ethos

We’re proud to be a fair, open and legal music service, available to all. We work closely with music associations, retail organisations, technology partners and our customers because we’re passionate about improving everyone’s experiences with digital music. Most importantly, we believe in paying artists fairly for their work and giving our customers access to their music on their own terms.

We hope you enjoy listening,

Love from 7

• If you would like to disable a preinstalled version of this app:

1. Go to Android System settings

2. Select Apps

3. Select the 7digital app

4. Tap on Disable


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